Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

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With Telia Smart Family (the ”Service”), we want to make it easy to get started with the smart home and make everyday life simpler and more fun. In the Telia Smart Family app (the “App”) you can create a group for your family (the “Family”) where the members of the Family can communicate easily, see who is home and when members of the Family arrived to or left the home.

In order to use all functionality included in the Service, the App needs:

  • access to your phone number, in order to register you as a user
  • access to your camera, for you to be able to publish new photos in your Family feed
  • access to your photos, for you to be able to publish existing photos in your Family feed
  • access to your position, to show whether you are home or not, and when you arrived to or left your home.

Your data is being used to provide the Service to you. You can read more about how we handle your data and our data and privacy policy. Children under the age of 13 need approval from their parents in order to use the Service.

The App includes two positioning services that can be activated and deactivated by the user. The first shows the Family where the user is located, and the second whether or not the user is at home. Depending on which service is activated, members of the Family can see if you are at home or not, and/or where you are located. Your positioning data is not made available to anyone except the members of your Family, and you can terminate your sharing of positioning data at any time by changing the settings in your App.

If a positioning service is activated, the position reported by your phone is conveyed through the App. Telia has no control over, and takes no responsibility for, that the reported position is accurate. Inaccuracies may appear for various reasons, such as errors in your phone or errors or delay in transfer of information. The positioning services are only intended to be used for information purposes and not in connection with emergency where there is danger to life or health.

The Service can be used to connect various devices in the home. However, it should be noted that the Service is not set up to function as an alarm service, with ensuing requirements in terms of availability. Telia cannot guarantee that a notice from a connected sensor or device will be transmitted in a timely manner. If you require 100% guaranteed uptime availability you should use another service.

Telia’s general terms and conditions for services to consumers apply to the Service. The terms and conditions can be found under Telia's general terms and conditions . The Service may only be used for its intended purposes and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.